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The Frolick

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Tim Knox, Director, Sir John Soane's Museum - Fundraising Gala, Banqueting House 2010
"Thank you for making such an important and enjoyable contribution to the Banquet, much appreciated by me. Thank you also for all your hard work researching and rehearsing music suitable for the Stuart theme of the occasion... it was a great success."

Michael Blair QC, Master Treasurer 2008, Middle Temple - 400th Anniversary Gala Dinner, in the prescene of HM Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece.
"Thursday's performance was a Delight, not just for the Queens but for everyone else. Your research, your planning and your performances added greatly to the success of the Gala Dinner, and marked in the most fitting way imaginable the links between the 400th Anniversary and our Royal Bencher from Denmark.
So thank you many times over for having taken up the challenge that emerged between us 18 months ago and delivered such a magnificent piece of entertainment as a result."

Michael Hockney - Chairman,  All Saints’ Concert Series
"Emma Curtis and The Frolick are, quite simply, unique. On paper, they perform 17th and 18th century songs.  This does not do them justice, at all.

  • First, they have thoroughly researched the period.  They have discovered and brought back neglected music.  Some by long-forgotten composers; some by well-known composers with whom one would not associate the popular song.

  • Secondly, they give a vivid picture of the popular musical culture of the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

  • Thirdly, they perform with consummate skill, on a variety of instruments of the period.

  • Fourthly, they engage the audience both with the stories they tell about the music, but also with their obvious enthusiasm for what they do. 

  • They gave us a highly visual and entertaining 'show', underpinned by wonderful musicianship.

  • The audience for this concert in the All Saints Concert Series went away very happy indeed."

Michael Fowle - Wedding Anniversary Party, Hoxton, London
"Thank you so much for your brilliant contribution to our wedding anniversary party. The Frolick’s show was absolutely the high point of a wonderful event.
Emma’s beautiful voice with its extraordinary range – from the sweetest high notes to the lowest tenor – was backed by remarkable musicians, all so clearly enjoying every minute of their splendid, varied, lively and amusing eighteenth century repertoire. A great example of splendid solo artists coming together in ensemble, with fine acting thrown in."

and Margaret Fowle...
"Emma and the Frolick provided us with a complete musical entertainment before and after dinner at an impromptu party for friends. A great evening! The after dinner set was especially full of variety – satire, irony and burlesque and some very beautiful poignant moments. The music making and singing were delightful, fun and of the highest quality and we and our guests hugely enjoyed it all."

Philippe Carden - Party at The Prince's Drawing School
"This talented chamber ensemble of young musicians brought to life in spectacular style the music of the eighteenth century. More than just the music, the songs describe the texture of life as it was then depicting love, marriage, sex, satire and society in a lively period cabaret style.
Emma Curtis’ warm contralto voice is a real treat in this context. Her co-founder of The Frolick, Andrew Maginley, is a sensitive and exquisite lutenist. They lead this ensemble of serious musicians with admirable deftness. Underpinned by considerable and detailed research, The Frolick supplies an eighteenth century musical revelation in truly enjoyable style."

Adrian Wheeler - concert-goer, All Saints Concert Series
'The Frolick are all clearly musicians of the highest calibre (and I mean the highest) and the music has been painstakingly researched. They play together with the effortless precision you’d expect from musicians with their credentials. They look chic in a sort of 18th century meets Armani (any colour so long as it’s black) kind of way. But they’re having fun and it’s infectious.
This isn’t a ‘recital’, this is a ‘gig’. I feel part of the show and find myself wanting to applaud after a celtic harp solo, half way through a number, and want to wolf-whistle as Emma appears after a costume change, pouting, winking and teasing as she walks among the audience. The Frolick is cool and it’s sexy."

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